Ranjit Singh Sagoo is a British-born self-taught realism artist.

Ranj always had an innate talent for drawing and an eye for composition, but life chose a different career path for him. Now a GP Principal serving his local community, his daily art requires a stethoscope and a keen understanding of the human body and mind.

Although medicine had taken precedent, his passion for art was ever present and continued to grow. Ranj recently decided to turn his passion into something greater, aspiring to establish himself within the art community and share his talent and artistic concepts with the world. 

His experience in medicine heavily influences his work as Ranj aspires to communicate the emotions and feelings experienced on a daily basis through his art, creating a deeper connection with the viewer.

Ranj works with many different media such as oil and acrylic paint, graphite and charcoal but his preferred medium is pastel. The level of detail and attention that goes into each piece of work is by intention to create the palpable textures, vibrant colours and sense of realism required to create a visual, emotional and tactile experience for the viewer.  

The subject of Ranj's art is inspired by his passion and fascination with wildlife and nature. He is also a strong believer in wildlife conservation, which Ranj supports through his art.

The amalgamation of the experiences of his life as a doctor and artist, Ranj’s art is an exploration of human nature through nature itself.  Fascinated by human nature through his daily experiences and interactions with his patients, Ranj expresses these emotions through his art. Ranj challenges his art has to speak the emotions and feelings it portrays so that the viewer can create both a visual and emotional connection with it. In bringing to life these realistic, hyper-detailed wildlife drawings, Ranj's intention is for the observer to feel the texture of the skin, the softness of the fur and the pierce of the stare. Ranj invites the viewer to connect not only visually, but emotionally experience very human behaviours and feelings in their natural, animalistic form.

In only his first year Ranj's art began to receive fantastic recognition selling many of his original artworks from his first collections as well as having several exhibitions and receiving high recognition in several art competitions.  Ranj uses this as inspiration and motivation to push his skills and creative process to produce even greater art.

All works featured on this website have been created and are the sole property of Ranjit Sagoo and are not for replication or redistribution without explicit permission.